Centering a website and network on the Andean Diaspora extended across Abya Yala and the Arts, we would like to create a space for the various artists to share, spotlight, and network their stories, expressions, and artistic creativity.

    All submissions should center around African, Black, Indigenous, Brown, women, LGBTQIA +, and working class people of the Latin American and Caribbean Diaspora that help us promote and dismantle Latinidad in an ongoing process of celebration and unlearning.  

    All submissions should be as relatable, accessible and concise as possible for our target audience: the Latin American diaspora. Submissions can provide commentary on current events, history, politics, philosophy, economics, sociology, culture, science, etc.

    This piece has been brought to you by Yessenia Camacho: I am from Pomona, California. I attend the University of California, Irvine and currently reside in Irvine, CA due to school. I am a double major in Sociology and Chicanx Latinx studies and a Film and Media minor. Besides being a college student, I am also a photographer in my free time. I photograph concerts, mainly the hip hop genre. I have been taking photos for about 5 years now. In my photos I capture abandoned places, homelessness, protests, street life, street vendors, Los Angeles buildings, and places I have traveled too. Photography to me is art, and is the way I cope and relax.