The Global Ayllu is accepting submissions for articles that help us  center the Andean Diaspora extended across Abya Yala to promote and dismantle Latinidad in an ongoing process of celebration and unlearning. 

–  All submissions should center around African, Black, Indigenous, Brown, women, LGBTQIA+, and working class people of the Andean, Latin American, and Caribbean Diaspora.

– All submissions should be as relatable, accessible and concise as possible for our target audience: the Andean and Latin American diaspora. Submissions can provide commentary on current events, history, politics, philosophy, economics, sociology, culture, science, etc.

– All submissions should address topics that answer one of the following questions:
1. How does this submission promote and / or dismantle Latinidad: inclusive or particularly to the Afro & Indigenous population of Latin America
2. How does this submission benefit and / or improve the Latine/x community: inclusive or particularly the Afro & Indigenous population of Latin America?

– All submissions can be written in any of the Afro & Indigenous languages spoken on Abya Yala as well as Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
– All submissions must include an English translation supplement file.

– Written work should be attached in a Word document along with a 100-word bio, and a separate file with a high resolution image of the author.
Visual works of art should be attached in a high resolution PDF or JPEG format.

Please send all submissions to: with an email titled ‘Submission – The Global Ayllu’