About Us

    ‘The Global Ayllu‘ is a multi-media and clothing collective centered on the Andean Diaspora extending across the Latin American Diaspora on Abya Yala

    ‘Qhip nayr uñtasis sarnaqapxañani’ is Aymaran for ‘The project of the future is made from pieces of the past’ Andeities is an online short-reel series showcasing about Andean Mythology.

    De Entrada: Política, de Comida Pasada: Le Presidente, del Postre: Economía, y de Despedida: Política. ¡Conversamos! is an online podcast and video series addressing the consciousness of Latinidad in the United States and Latin America. ¡Conversamos! LIVE is a complementary show featured on Instagram.

    With a collective spending power of $1.5 trillion of 56.5 million people in the United States, U.S. Latine/xs can become a competitive force as a buyer and for businesses. Support Latine/x Businesses: The Show is an online podcast and video series that promotes Latine/x owned businesses on Abya Yala through interview discussions.